My name is Tamara Hunter. I love minimalistic design and different shades of gray. I like the wild beauty of nature, and I like to organize chaos into something meaningful and beautiful. I like to explore and do new things. Graphic design gives me endless opportunities to try different media: print, web design, video, photography. I also love the fine arts, and I admire the talented people who are passionate about their work. I have experience in hand drawing and printmaking.
I believe that a graphic designer should know how to draw and craft different things without the computer. Drawing skills help me to be attentive to details in my digital design. I studied art history at the Art Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the knowledge of world’s art helps me to find interesting composition and color solutions. I love to spend time with friends, walk with my two dogs on the beach and watch how they interact with other dogs and explore the surrounding dunes. I also interested in photography for its ability to catch a moment of beauty and to share it with others.